Motorcycle Servicing Melbourne

We here at In-Tune are a great choice for your Melbourne motorcycle servicing needs because we care about your bike as we are enthusiasts as well as being qualified motorcycle mechanics. Throughout the whole process, you only deal with the person who works on your bike not just a person at a front desk. With over 45 years combined experience your bike is in good hands.

For more details, or to book your bike in for a service, contact us during business hours on (03) 9879 6688, or Request a Service using the button below.

Luke and Paul look forward to getting your bike back on the road!

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Servicing and routine maintenance of your motorcycle is key for its longevity and its consistent performance and safety.

At Intune, we would recommend servicing your motorcycle at least once a year, even if you have not accumulated the kilometres to get you to the next scheduled service.

Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to avoid costly repairs in the future, due to undiagnosed problems which may be found during a service.

For example, the deterioration of specific items - due to lack of use - such as brake fluid, coolant and fuel systems can cause significant issues.

MOTUL is our oil of choice: It is a high quality product we trust and we use it in our workshop and in our own bikes.

  • At Intune Motorcycles some of the services we provide include the following:

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if what you need is not listed below:

    • First Service to Major Services
    • Tyre Repairs or Replacement
    • Roadworthy Certificates
    • Pre-purchase Inspections
    • Dyno Tuning: ECU re-flashing/re-mapping & carburettor jetting
    • Chain and Sprocket Replacement
    • Fork Seals
    • Brake Pad & Disc Replacement
    • Throttle Body and Carburettor Balancing and Adjustment
    • Injector Testing and Cleaning
    • Accessory Fitment
    • Made-to-measure Braided Brake Lines for Road Bikes (ADR Approved)
    • Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
    • Engine Reconditioning for 2 and 4 Stroke Motorcycles
    • 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber Repairs
    • Crankshaft Rebuilding (Single Cylinder Only)
    • Motorcycle Pick-Up Service (by Appointment Only)
    • General Motorcycle Advice (Free)