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Giant Loop

Giant Loop Saddlebag Great Basin - Orange

Giant Loop Saddlebag Great Basin - Orange

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The Great Basin is Giant Loop’s largest capacity rackless saddlebag that allows one to carry up to 68 litres of gear on virtually any motorcycle where the passenger usually sits. Because of its biomorphic design, the Great Basin Saddlebag emulates the human form by straddling the passenger seat in a vertical position, similar to how a passenger would sit. This positions the weight around the subframe to eliminate stress on the motorcycle.

Three seam-sealed waterproof inner liner dry bags (with air purge valves) keep gear organized on multi-day trips, and dry should any moisture penetrate the outer shell. Upon arriving at your destination, the dry bags can be removed and taken to your campsite or hotel room, leaving the saddlebag attached to the motorcycle. And with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system, you can expand your carrying capacity by adding a Fandango Tank Bag™, double-ended Tillamook Dry Bag™, or two Possibles Pouches™.

The Great Basin fits virtually any sport, sport-touring, scrambler, standard, naked, adventure touring, or dual-sport motorcycle with a passenger seat and passenger footpegs. No side luggage racks or saddlebag stays are required. Anchors directly to the passenger footpegs. Solid anchor points can be added to the motorcycle’s tail section by installing a Footmans Loop Anchor Kit. Every Great Basin Saddlebag includes a Hot Springs Heat Shield™ Kit to help prevent the saddlebag or side panels from making contact with exhaust components. A pair of stainless-steel Giant Loop Mounts can also be added to help keep anchor straps away from hot exhaust.

No matter what setup you choose, the Great Basin Saddlebag is designed to allow you to go light, go fast, and go far by carrying your gear where the passenger usually sits on the motorcycle. When not in use, simply unstrap and remove the saddlebag to return your bike to its stock setup.


The Great Basin Saddlebag is designed to sit on the pillion seat and anchor to the passenger footpeg mounts. It can be positioned differently on every machine and according to each rider’s preference. Each make and model may be slightly different, as will each rider’s stature and preference.

Taller riders may prefer to mount the saddlebag farther back on a tail rack. Others may prefer to move the saddlebag up to provide a backrest while riding on pavement. On some makes and models, mounting the saddlebag partially on the tail rack provides easy access to the under-seat fuel tank.


  • Volume:&nbsp ;68 litres of packable volume
  • Dry Weight: 3kg with all included components
  • Materials: Rugged Bomb Shell™ construction and materials with reinforced ballistic impact zones, beefy water-resistant YKK zippers, and military-spec fasteners. Aluminium cam buckle compression straps. Custom-woven ballistic webbing on lower attachments.
  • Dimensions:
    • 142cm from the bottom of the pannier, across the top to the bottom of the other pannier
    • 25cm height of bag in top centre
    • 15cm distance from inside to outside lower saddlebag legs
    • 36cm from front to back in top centre
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