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Xam Sprocket Kit Yamaha TT250 R '93-'95 - 520NSDC Gold 14/43

Xam Sprocket Kit Yamaha TT250 R '93-'95 - 520NSDC Gold 14/43

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This Sprocket Kit contains a 14-tooth front sprocket and a 56-tooth rear sprocket. The chain is the correct length and requires no cutting.

XAM Chain and Sprocket Kits are the perfect replacement for a worn-out setup. Our Kits are lighter, stronger and better value than OEM!

All Kits include a Front Sprocket, Rear Sprocket and XAM Chain and are supplied in either OEM gearing or alternative gearing.

Kit Contents:

  • Front Sprocket: MTX 583, 14T, #520, 10-4GY-14 (SPF205114)
  • Rear Sprocket: MTX 853, 43T, #520, 11-2H0-43 (SPR85643)
  • Xam Chain: 520NSDC GOLD/GOLD, 108 links, non-sealed chromized (XC520NSDCG2108)
  • Chain and Sprocket Kit Box: Xam Chain and Sprocket Kit Box

About the chain:

XAM heavy-duty chains are manufactured from carbon alloy steel, heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum strength and durability. All heavy-duty chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched for superior performance and minimal elongation during the life of the chain.

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